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Hello, my name is Doug S, I'm 19 years old, and at an in-between stage in my life, waiting to see where and how I want to move forward, even a year after high school. In the mean time, working 50 hours a week, with no school for mental stimulation feels like it is dulling my wits. Reading Newsweek and Time at Boarders Books can only satisfy my yearning for intellectual stimulation on a low level.

I'm sorry, let me back up... I just finished reading Socrates Cafe by Christopher Phillips. While I was previously familiar with Socrates’ life and works, as well as the latter years of my high school being loosely based on the Socratic Method, I was still blown away by the concept of the Socratic Method in a coffee shop with my peers. Aside from thoroughly enjoying the books, I am now ecstatic about this idea….

Once again, I enjoyed the book, but am absolutely off-my-rocker with excitement about the Socrates Cafe in action.

I appreciate your time and your help, and if it makes your life easier I can be contacted by phone at any time.

Thanks Again

Doug S


My husband and I have enjoyed the lively discussions with the Socrates Cafe group in Biloxi, MS. Post Katrina times have seen a time of sporadic meetings, but, thankfully, a gradual reforming of the group.

After Katrina I returned to my hometown of Brookhaven, MS, where I happened upon some other people interested in getting together a discussion group. We have had some success with a couple of meetings this summer and wish to affiliate ourselves with Socrates Cafe.

Thank you for founding this organization. It has added a new dimension to our lives.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Janice Kaplan

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