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1. How to Get Started?

How do I find the right place to host a Socrates Café? Libraries, community centers, bookstores, and coffee shops are among the many great places to host a Socrates Café. Independent coffee shops, which are especially dedicated to reaching out to the community, are usually very receptive to the idea. Present the Socrates Café concept to the owner or person responsible for the venue. Feel free to download articles from the Society for Philosophical Inquiry website that you can use when making your pitch for holding the Socrates Café event. Ask if the place could accommodate the group during their slowest day and time so that you won't interrupt normal business activity. Weekday evenings (except Fridays) are usually good times to host the event. In addition to venues for the public, please also consider starting a group for people who are at society's margins: for example, people in prison, in nursing homes, in at-risk schools, in mental health facilities,  in homeless shelters, in transitional housing shelters, and people who are recent immigrants to the United States.

If you're starting a Socrates Café or Philosophers' Club, or another dialogue group that goes by a different name, but that largely shares our goals, please tell us about it . For those starting an ongoing group, please remember that participants propose and choose the questions, and please strive to have many different facilitators.

Please note that Socrates Café and Philosophers' Club are our registered trademarks, and we do of course reserve the right to deny use of our trademarked names. The trademarks help ensure that the names are used by volunteers for live face-to-face gatherings undertaken with the specific nonprofit, community-creating purposes for which they are intended. They also help ensure that these groups specifically use the version/method/ethos of inquiry that we've spelled out on our website -- the aim with this inquiry is to create a more vibrant and participatory democracy and empathetic society.

We particularly ask that facilitators and coordinators steer clear of using this venue to promote for-profit endeavors or for any other sorts of endeavors or agendas other than those clearly spelled out by our nonprofit. Please never affiliate with us if your aim is for-profit , or if you do not share our nonprofit's goals, and/or you aspire to promote coaching or counseling or guidance services, which is anathema to our mission. And we ask that you model for other participants a keen respectfulness for and sensitivity towards the views and feelings of others. Facilitators: Please be sure to read carefully the guidelines below. And please, if possible: Join our nonprofit group. It enables us to carry on programs with those who live on society's margins, and who rarely have a chance to weigh in on matters that are of importance to all of us who want to live in a stronger democracy. Help us "dialogue for democracy," by joining SPI.

We want to inspire more people to start Socratizing and form communities of inquiry in the process, please consider starting your own Socrates Café. It might seem impossible at times, but take a look at these three steps of helpful advise by Christopher and Cecilia Chapa Phillips in how to become a Socrates Café facilitator.

1. How to Get Started?                   2. How to facilitate a Socrates Café?                3. Facilitator and Participant Dos and Don'tsSC_Tips_Two.htmlSC_Tips_Three.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1
Download the tips in PDFSC_Tips_One_files/SC%20Tips.pdf
1. How to Get Started?                   2. How to facilitate a Socrates Café?                3. Facilitator and Participant Dos and Don'tsSC_Tips_Two.htmlSC_Tips_Three.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1