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“What’s the difference between the truth and a lie?”

The truth is good and a lie is bad.

    Not always! If I were hiding a runaway slave during the says of slavery, and some one trying to catch him asked me if he was in my house, I’d say, “No.”

So sometimes a lie can be good?

Sometimes, but almost always it’s best to be honest.

     Is truth the same as honesty?

         If I’m going to be honest, then I need to make sure the truth is really the truth.

             But do you ever know the truth once and for all?

question question question

What is belief?

Is there a difference between a true belief and a false one?

Can something be false without being a lie?

Can you honestly lie?

Can you lie without meaning to do so?

Is there a difference between a lie and a fib?

What is a half-truth?

Is there such a thing as “the whole truth”?